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Tea room

What’s DH GROUP Tea Room?
Glad you asked. We have a culture of serving each other tea at DH GROUP and thought it’d be nice to share that with the companies we work with. DH GROUP Tea Room is our metaphorical way of accomplishing that. We aim to help every startup into the DH GROUP Tea Room and serve every single one a cup of tea, along with other great perks.

What do I get in the DH GROUP tea room?
DH GROUP tearoom customers receive free advice, services and products. Not an exclusive club much more, and as the name suggests, they even get complimentary tea from time to time. If you would like to know how to join or need help finding other partner suppliers or investors for your business, please get in touch with us at

How do you enter the DH GROUP tea room?
Either you are a customer of the DH GROUP or one of its companies where you have paid at least $ 250,000 for consulting or services, or there is currently no other option. But write to us, and maybe you have the characteristics to become one.

What did they ask us to do?
They asked us, for 2022, to design, produce and market luxury products to their members: credit cards, services in the art sector, wines, cigars, real estate services, clothing etc.

Probably only the members of the Tea room will have access to the product page dedicated to them, but we hope to be able to publish some information and photos. Follow us ...


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