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A project dedicated to luxury. The TDHI will always be released on international markets with an innovative project—an international showcase to develop global markets for our customers.

We are the Division that deals with the most beautiful business sector there is: luxury.

Wines, watches, game tables, jewellery, trinkets, carpets, cars, yachts, planes, helicopters: think of something luxurious, and we have it, make it or sell it.

We assist luxury lovers in buying the best; if they want it, we design and produce it exclusively.

We are the best partner or consultant you can find worldwide for those who produce luxury goods. Our competitors cannot design, build and sell over 60 luxury goods. We can produce any luxury item, from paper decorated with diamonds to brandy exclusively for the restaurant or the rich.

Together with the TDHI FASHION division,, we will develop two projects: will be completely revamped and released in 2022. It will be an international project intended to develop our client's brands, increase their sales and consolidate the markets we will manage for them or with them,

And a project dedicated to TDHI VIP members who will have the opportunity to access exclusive and exclusive products and services. Absolute luxury, designed especially for them, and some will even be free. Being on that list will be a privilege and a must.

If you don't like a luxury, wealth, the rich or those who want to get rich, we are not the proper Division for you. If, on the other hand, you love luxury, you produce a luxury item or would like to produce it, and you have an idea, do not hesitate to write to us.

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